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Gluck Fellows in Art specialize in Studio Art Practices

UCR's Art Department offers a broad spectrum of classes spanning both traditional art disciplines such as painting, drawing, photography, and sculpture, and newer disciplines such as inter-media, and video and digital art, as well as art theory. Art majors develop individual programs of study in consultation with their advisor to match their personal needs and interests, Considerable flexibility in the order in which courses are taken adds to the personalization of studies. Art majors have ample opportunity to perfect their technical abilities, while at the same time developing conceptual skills. They learn how to read and interpret images, and, through analysis of historical movements, they explore and understand their own artistic values and motivations. They gradually move from learning how to use different media into taking a position about their own work.

Among the Art Department's distinguished faculty are: John M. Divola, M.F.A.; Jill Giegerich, M.F.A.; Jim Isermann, M.F.A.; Brandon Lattu, M.F.A.; Charles Long, M.F.A.; Melissa Thorne, M.F.A. and Amir Zaki, M.F.A.  Faculty members are active professional artists who have gained wide recognition in their fields and for their teaching. Four faculty members have received grants from the National Endowment for the Arts, five have been awarded Guggenheim Fellowships, and all exhibit at international museums and galleries, including the Whitney Museum of Art, Museum of Modern Art, New York, and the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles. Each year the Department also attracts internationally known visiting artists and scholars who come to UCR to conduct special workshops, seminars, and lectures. Recent presentations have spanned the broad field of art, including sculpture, film, painting, photography, digital art, video, performance, mixed media, installation, curating, and art criticism.

The Art major leads to a Bachelor of Arts degree. The Art Department also offers an approved subject matter preparation program for the Multiple Subject teaching credential. Students who complete such a program are exempt from subject matter examinations when applying for a teaching credential program.

Classroom Online Resources - Art

Activities / Crafts / Workshop Instructions / Lesson Plans

A1 A Line is a Dot - Drawing techniques as a means of 'seeing' your day/journey.

A3 Figurative/Architectural/Abstract Sculpture - Seeing and creating different sculpture types

A4 The Language of Color - Creative exercise for naming colors subjectively

A5 Fly Your Flag High - Make personal flags to express individual identity
Video 'Fly Your Flag High' - GluckTV short film

A6 Listen+Draw-Moving to Melody - Drawing and listening exercise using music as inspiration

A7 Make a Thaumatrope - Simple drawing activity to demonstrate persistence of vision

A8 Collage - history with images and activity with instructions

A10 Paper Chromotography - art and science explanation and project

A10a Braid T-shirt - instructions

A10b Cutting ideas T-shirt - instructions

A10c Fringe T-shirt - instructions

A10d Fringe T-shirt 2 - instructions

A10e Moon painting - instructions

A10f Geometric Designs in Paint - instructions

A10g Sharpie tie-dye - instructions

A11 Drawing in One Point Perspective - template and instructions

A12 Exquisite Corpse Drawing game - Instructions and template for Surrealist game

A13 Cubist Portrait Collage - Instructions for creating a portrait collage in the Cubist style

Templates and Clip Art

A2 DADA clip art


A9 Cave Paintings PowerPoint


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