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Dance Fellows come from all over the world, and offer workshops for participants of all ages and level of experience. 

The UCR Department of Dance embraces both dance making and written scholarship—dancing and writing about dancing—in each of its distinctive degree programs. We offer:

  • Ph.D. in Critical Dance Studies
  • M.F.A. in Experimental Choreography
  • B.A in Dance that focuses on choreographic research together with cultural and historical studies

Dance curricula are designed for the next generation of scholars, artists, and educators committed to world-wide research in dance, embodied reflection, and meaning-making through movement.


THE Ph.D. PROGRAM IN CRITICAL DANCE STUDIES, established in 1993 (as the Ph.D. in Dance History and Theory), has achieved world-class status as the preeminent site for intellectual inquiry into dance, corporeality, movement, choreography, and performance. The specificity of the program's focus on dance studies—as opposed to performance studies or theater studies—distinguishes it in the field. The training doctoral students receive at UC Riverside prepares them to become the next generation of dance scholars.

THE M.F.A. PROGRAM IN EXPERIMENTAL CHOREOGRAPHY, inaugurated in 2002, is especially designed for practicing artists who desire to return to an institutional context for advanced study. The focus of the program is on the development of experimental choreography that challenges cultural assumptions and is informed by a critical and reflective perspective. M.F.A. students benefit from close interaction with the Ph.D. in Critical Dance Studies program.

Classroom Online Resources - Dance

Games / Dances / Workshop Instructions / Lesson Plans

D1 Hop Skip and Jump - Exercises to build Spatial Awareness, Body Coordination and Locomotive Movement for Kinders

D2 Czech Folk Dance and Folk Tales - Learn folk dance moves to accompany a traditional Czech folk story.

D3 Make it Rain Group Dances - Learn easy, fun group dances

D8 Improv dance - improvisational dance exercises

D9 Your Body is Your Instrument - Using creative movement to make exercise fun

D11 Circle, Circle Everywhere - Use geometry to exercise and understand body space

D12 How Does an Alligator Roll? - Use verb/adverb dice to teach building dance movements in a fun game

D13 To Be Heard, To Be Seen - Using command words, students create body movements

D14 Draw on Dance - Learn Theatre and Stage language for dancers in performance

D15 Free! Let's Dance! - Using Freestyle and word commands, students get moving

D20 Dance the Elements - description and cards for an exercise/dance cooperative game

D21 Movement Remix - description and prompts for creative movement

D22 Freeze Dance - description and prompts for freeze dance

D23 Taiwanese Dance - read about Taiwanese dance

D24 Teamwork through Dance - creative games that encourage teamwork

D27 Guided Meditation for all ages - 10 minute relaxation

D28 Aztec Friendship Dance - instructions and Introduction

D29 Show Me What You've Got! - Introduction to hip hop

D30 Math Dance - Instructions for a dance based game that teaches math concepts

D31 Introduction to Yoga - Sun Salutation sequence

Information / Posters / Links

D4 Korean Mask Dance T'alch'um - Information and photos

D5 Afro-Cuban Dance terms

D6 North Mexican Dance terms

D7 Greek Folk Dance - Sirtaki and Chasapiko

D10 Egyptian Culture through Dance

D16 Kabuki Theatre information

D17 Site Specific Dance information

D18 Brazilian Carnival information

D19 Hawaiian Dance information

D25 Korean Ballet - Introduction to traditional Korean fairy tale through ballet

D26 Dancing from America, France and Japan - Introduction to popular dances

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