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History of Art Fellows offer workshops that introduce participants to an art movement or era and often include an art making activity.

UCR History of Art Department has a unique disciplinary position between the humanities, arts and social sciences. Our research and instruction encompass the history of such diverse realms as the fine arts, architecture, visual culture, material culture, ideology, engineering, decorative arts, political economy, theology, and philosophy.

The discipline of Art History analyzes critically how art and architecture have been used in the past and are used in the present through an understanding of their visual, contextual, and ideological bases. Art and architecture are among the most powerful means of social interaction and communication. Today, the visual dominates our society, perhaps more than ever before.

Classroom Online Resources - History of Art

HA1a Balinese Shadow Puppets - templates
HA1 Balinese Shadow Puppets - Create your own character based on Balinese Shadow Puppets

HA2 Express Yourself - Study History of Art to create your own self portrait with this poster

HA3 Picturing Ourselves - Study History of Art to create your own self portrait with this poster

HA4 Self-Portrait - Study Art History to create your own self-portrait

HA5 Family Portraits - Study Art History to create your family portrait - Poster
HA5a Family Portraits - Powerpoint

HA6 Chinese Handscrolls - a poster about Chinese handscrolls

HA7 Totem Poles - a poster about totem poles

HA8 DADA - 3 DADA paintings

HA9 Kandinsky - a poster of Kandinsky paintings

HA10 Paintings - 6 paintings by important artists, including Cassatt, Warhol, Mondrian, Van Gogh, Feininger

HA11 Modern Architecture - a craft to design a 'cool house', Mid-Century Modern architecture craft

HA12 Seeing Between the Lines - Learn the formal characteristics of Abstract Expressionism

HA13 Colors of Water - Learn about the California Impressionists' style

HA14 Collage - Creating a New Art Object - Learn the history of collage and create your own

HA15 Egyptian Hieroglyphics - poster and craft

HA16 Collage - creating art with a message

HA17 Pointillist images - 10 Pointillist images

HA18 Printmaking - understanding literary narratives through printmaking

HA19 Picasso Portraits - Picasso's portraits and influences with posters

HA20 Quipu Poster - Inca culture

HA21 Drawing in Response to Chinese Poetry - Template

HA22 Propaganda as Art - Introduction and history of propaganda art and discussion prompts

HA23 Ways of Looking, Ways of Telling - reading images as visual documents

HA24 Chinese Calligraphy - introduction and practice worksheets


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