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Here is where you will find the educational resources we could not categorize in the arts departments. Fellows, here are resources for effective lesson planning and application writing.

Classroom Online Resources - Miscellaneous

Information / Guides / Reports

Mis How to be a Good Audience Member - for teachers

Mis UCR Principles of Community

Mis1 CORD Style Guide - The CORD style guide for Gluck fellows

Mis2 CORD Gluck UCR logo - The Gluck UCR logo for the CORD - for fellows

Mis3 Top Tips for Lesson Planning - Presentation planning for Gluck fellows

Mis4 Gluck Brochure -

Mis5 Common Core Report - Information about the Common Core Curriculum

Mis6 Learning Objectives - a guide to writing learning objectives - for fellows

Mis7 Developing Learning Outcomes - help with writing learning outcomes - for fellows

Mis8 56 Ways to do Formative Assessment - a list of ways to check understanding - for fellows

Mis9 53 Ways to Check Understanding - a list of ways for Formative Assessment - for fellows

Mis10 Common Core Standards - guide to the Common Core Curriculum standards

Mis11 VAPA Standards - guide to the Visual And Performing Arts standards

Mis 12 Why Arts? - 10 reasons why teaching Arts is important

Mis13 Arts-In-Education06 - Critical Issues Facing the Arts in California - a paper by the James Irvine Foundation

Mis14 Arts-In-Education07 - California Arts Education Strategic Task Force Report, Findings and Recommendations

Mis15 Classroom Management - for Fellows

Mis16 Classroom Tips - for Fellows

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