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The UCR Department of Music features a distinctive and supportive environment for study in music. It emphasizes close interaction between its students and faculty, and provides for a continuously expanding range of musical and intellectual pursuits. Faculty interests range from traditional Western art music (offering foundational study in traditional musicology, theory, and composition) and ethnomusicology (music ethnography) to cultural studies, gender/sexuality, critical theory, free improvisation, digital and electronic music composition, popular music and the culture industry (including television and film as well as computer gaming), area studies, and many others. The entire faculty shares a belief in the importance of musical performance, an activity in which many are regularly engaged, and students receive individual attention in both research and creative projects.

Classroom Online Resources - Music

M1 Minyo Japanese Folk Dancing - Learn the Taiko Bushi dance and its relationship to Japanese culture

M2 Sounds in the Air - A listening exercise. Focusing attention toward the sound environment is a skill that helps develop a sense of 'place' and 'space'

M3 Hawaiian Culture - resources for Hawaiian culture through music

M4 Cape Breton fiddle music - guide to fiddle music of Cape Breton

M5 Classical Guitar - guide to the classical guitar

M6 Music for Film - guide to listening to emotional elements in film scores

M7 Singing with your entire body - Guide to vocal techniques

M8 A Beginners Guide to Keyboard - Introduction to keyboard history and composers

M9 Introduction to Wind and Brass instruments

M10 Rhythmic Pattern - guide to different rhythmic patterns in music styles

M11 Taiko - Guide to Taiko drum music

M12 Disney Songs Musical Elements - guide to rhythmic patterns in music styles with links to classic Disney songs

M13 Theme and Variation - Introduction to MIDI keyboards and their use in Theme and Variation

M14 Physics of Sound - Introduction to physics and sound waves with YouTube links

M15 Rainstorm - make a rainstorm in a group using body percussion

M16 Songwriting - songwriting outline writing activity

M17 Intro to Rock Music - history and musicians

M18 Intro to the Bass Guitar - with web links

M19 Argentine Folk Music and Dance - Chacarera instructions

M20 Karaoke Kollege - workshop for improving reading speed by using karaoke

M21 Reclaim the Power of Your Voice - self confidence exercises

M22 Introduction to American Patriotic Music

M23 Introduction to Leitmotif - characters in stories identified by their melodies

M24 Rock and Rhythm - counting drum beats in popular music

M25 Schoolyard Blues - Intro to Blues music and basic songwriting techniques

M26 All about the Violin


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