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The UCR Department of Theatre staged its first performance in 1954 and the Department of Theatre is still committed to the idea that production is central to a theatre education. A full range of classes in literature, history, theory, acting, directing, design, technology, and writing inform and support a vigorous production program that engages students in every aspect of the theatre.

Majoring in the Department leads to a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre. Students begin their studies by examining all the elements of drama, production, and performance and then gradually focusing attention on a particular area of interest. For students whose goal it is to write for theatre, film, or television, the Department offers a Writing Track, which facilitates a concentration on playwriting and screenwriting while participating in and learning from the production program.

Each year, the Department of Theatre produces a full season of new and classic shows directed and designed by faculty and guest artists. Playworks, a regular part of the season, showcases the work of graduate and undergraduate writers in a weeklong series of new plays. In addition to participating in the season as actors, designers, directors, writers, technicians, and stage managers, students are also encouraged to write, direct, design, and produce their own shows.

The Department also offers a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing and Writing for the Performing Arts. This unique two-year program, offered in conjunction with the Department of Creative Writing, requires students to write in two different genres selected from fiction, creative non-fiction, poetry, screenwriting, and playwriting. 

Classroom Online Resources - Theatre

Activities / Games / Instructions / Lesson Plans

T1 Tip of the Tongue/Top of the Head - Brain games to inspire confidence, imagination and structure

T2 Listen Now! - Improvisation games to foster an understanding of human communication and emotional intelligence

T3 Improv - Tales of Wonder - Improv games

T4 Improv - games

T5 Building a Personal Story Shield - students tell their own story as the hero

T6 Tongue Twisters and Exercises - activities to rehearse Improv and acting

T7 Improv - 3 warm up exercises

T8 Improv games - 8 warm up exercises

T9 Screenwriting using folktales - slideshow on play structure with folktale examples

T10 Chekhov method - introduction and activity

T11 I Am Positive - worksheet to focus on strengths and positivity

T12 Strengthen the Coach, Quiet the Critic

T13 Improv Games to Build Listening, Teamwork and Focus

T14 Yes, And...Improv Games

T15 The Briefest Introduction to Shakespeare

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