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Are you interested in getting your school or community site involved in the Gluck Fellows Program of the Arts? Contact the Gluck Office and we will get you started. Your site must be within 20 minutes' drive of the UCR campus. All programs must be offered free of charge to participants.

All Gluck Sites must complete a Service Agreement between UCR and the Site / School District.

Please determine a Site Coordinator who will handle all correspondence with the Gluck Office and will organize the booking and evaluation of all Fellow programs at the site/school.
Christine Leapman, Assistant Director - 951 827 5739 -
Leslie Paprocki, Program Coordinator - 951 827 3518 -


Site Coordinators, are you looking for a form?

Site Coordinator's Handbook

Site Resources Form - MANDATORY each year for all sites!

UCR Media Release Form - English and Spanish

Liability Waiver for field trips to UCR - English and Spanish

Request a Program:
Site Coordinator Request Fellow Session - Link to Form

All Sites: Evaluation Gluck Fellow Session TEACHER/HOST and Student -  Link to Evaluation Form

Student/Participant Evaluation Form - Link to Evaluation Form

All Sites: Evaluation Coordinator's Year End Gluck Program - Link to Evaluation Form


Classroom Online Resources Documents on previous Gluck Programs are available below.



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Most of your answers should be on our website, if not contact us and we will help.

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