The Gluck Fellows Program of the Arts is the premier arts outreach program at the University of California, Riverside.

Each year, the Gluck Fellows Program of the Arts provides fellowships to exceptional UC Riverside undergraduate and graduate students to conduct arts-related presentations, performances, and workshops in Riverside County schools, residential facilities for elderly care and community centers. Participating departments include Art, Creative Writing, Dance, History of Art, Music, and Theatre, as well as the Sweeney Art Gallery and the UCR/California Museum of Photography.

Since its inception at UC Riverside in 1996, the Gluck Fellows Program of the Arts continues to follow its mission and goals of integrating the arts within the broader community. UC Riverside remains committed to the Program's target constituents, and continues to avail itself of the excellent faculty and student resources in the College of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences.

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Gluck Summer Camp Applications now available! Accepting applications until all spaces are filled.

Gluck Fellows for 2014-2015 applications now available! Application deadline May 31, 2014

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