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Gluck Fellows are regularly registered UCR graduate and undergraduate students who offer arts education programs in the local Riverside community, on video conferencing platforms in schools, live streaming, and on our Creative Classroom page. Gluck Fellows generally present their programs at schools and community sites from August - May each year.

Looking for a missing form? Want some information about the Program before you apply? All of the information, handbooks, forms, and evaluations you will need to apply for and carry out a Gluck fellowship are here! Please expand the menu items below for more information.

  • General Information/FAQs shows the annual application deadlines.
  • Fellowship Opportunities/Fellowship Types describes the different kinds of fellowships you can apply for.
  • Fellowship Application Forms has applications for each type of fellowship. Make sure you are using the correct form for the fellowship you want to apply for!
  • Gluck Fellow Handbooks have all the information you need regarding fellowship obligations and financial aid support. Each type of fellowship has its own handbook.
  • Fellowship Forms has all of the forms you need to submit to start and continue your fellowship. Not all Fellows need to complete all forms - see which ones you need for your fellowship by checking the Handbook.
  • Fellowship Evaluations has links to the Google Forms for each fellowship type. Evaluations are required before your fellowship will be paid. Please be sure to fill out the evaluations that match your fellowship!
  • TIVA/TAVA instructions are for Classroom Fellows only. 

Would you like to be a Gluck Fellow in 2021-22? Applications are available April 1 and due May 15. You are welcome to visit the Gluck office to chat about other fellowship opportunities that may be available! OPA! fellowships, for example, are available all year round... The Gluck office is located in the CHASS Interdisciplinary Building North, 2027. We also meet on Zoom - email to book an appointment


Information, Handbooks, and Forms for Current and Future Gluck Fellows

  • General Information/FAQs

    Gluck Applications for 2021-22 are available April 1, 2021 and are due to the Gluck office May 15, 2021. Fellows with successful applications for 2021-22 will receive notification from their department by July 1, 2021.

    Gluck Fellowships are considered Research as defined by the UCR Undergraduate Research Program as they are overseen by ladder rank faculty.

    Gluck Information Sheet - FAQ
    Arts Education Resources - downloadable resources for developing Gluck fellowship applications and programs

  • Fellowship Opportunities/Fellowship Types

    This section describes the available types of Gluck fellowship opportunities. Please determine which type of fellowship you would like to apply for, and then download the correct application from the Application section below. If you have any questions about which application you should fill out, please contact us!


    • Graduate Student Classroom Fellows: Applications for graduate students open April 1 and are due May 15 each year. Graduate students in the following departments are eligible to apply for Classroom Fellowships: Art, Creative Writing, Creative Writing for the Performing Arts, Dance, History of Art, and Music. The Gluck Department Coordinator from each department chooses each year's Fellows from the applicant pool.
      Classroom Fellows develop a GluckLive 30-minute or one-hour interactive workshop for community outreach to schools and community sites and Digital DIY Curriculum for the Gluck Creative Classroom.
      Gluck fellowships are based around a 12-point program.
    • TFDP FilmCrew is a GluckTV film making project. Please contact Ben Tusher, Production Manager of the Theatre, Film, and Digital Production Department for more information about June auditions!
    • The Gluck Contemporary Dance Ensemble (CDE) is a Gluck touring ensemble of 5 or 6 undergraduate dancers (Ensemble Members) led by a graduate student (the Graduate Fellow Leader) from the dance department. They present a performance with an interactive portion at schools and other sites in the Riverside community. Fellowship awards are given to ensemble members who complete the tour. Please contact the Gluck Dance Department Coordinator for more information.
    • Local:
      • Museum Education Fellows: Gluck Fellows at UCR ARTS provide educational programs at the Culver Center of the Arts, generally once a month from October-May.
      • Family Learning Fellows: The Gluck office has a fellowship for a First Sundays museum educator who will offer family-friendly art making activities at the Riverside Art Museum, generally once a month from October-May.
    • GluckGlobal: 
      • GluckTV and VRC Fellows: The Gluck Office offers fellowships to graduate and undergraduate students who have skills in film making and social media promotion. The VRC (Visual Resources Collection) also has opportunities for students interested in photographic conservation. Digital DIY Curriculum proposals from students outside of the CHASS Arts departments are also considered.
        See the Family Learning Fellow Handbook below for more details, or contact the Gluck Office.
    • OPA! (Outreach Performing Artist) Fellows are graduate and undergraduate students who have talents to perform in the community. Apply online and audition all year!  OPA! fellowship information is available here, with handbooks below.
  • Fellowship Application Forms

    Please read the Fellowship Opportunities section above to determine the type of fellowship you would like to apply for, and then download the correct application linked below. Click the link to download the application file (Word document). Each application has specific submission instructions. See the Arts Education Resources page for best practices and resources for developing your fellowship proposal.

    Gluck Fellow Application INFORMATION PACK - All the information you need to complete your CLASSROOM or FAMILY LEARNING Fellow application!

         Use the Application Information Pack  - AppPack - to help you fill in your Classroom or Family Learning Fellow Application

    Gluck CLASSROOM FELLOW Application 

         Available now; due to Gluck office by email on May 15, 2021

    Gluck FAMILY LEARNING FELLOW Application 

          Available now; due to Gluck office by email on May 15, 2021

    Gluck OPA! FELLOW / Ensemble Registration (Form A) 2020-2021

          Ongoing registration acceptance from August 2020 - May 2021

  • Fellowship Handbooks

    Want more information on Fellow obligations? Download a Handbook! Obligations for 2021-22 will be similar to 20-21, Handbooks for 2021-22 available July 1, 2021

    CLASSROOM FELLOW Handbook (including Classroom Fellows: GluckLive & Digital DIY Curriculum, and ASK Residents)

    FAMILY LEARNING FELLOW Handbook (including Local and GluckGlobal Fellows in the following areas: UCR ARTS, Museum Education, Family Learning, GluckTV, and the VRC)

    ENSEMBLE FELLOW Handbook (UCR FilmCrew and Contemporary Dance Ensemble cast and crew)

    OPA! (OUTREACH PERFORMING ARTIST) FELLOW Handbook (including members of Mosaic, Spotlight on Hope, UCR LPP, Guardian Ambassadors, and student-run music ensembles and solo artists)

  • Fellowship Forms

    Please see the Gluck Handbook (above) for your type of fellowship to determine which forms you will need to complete. Not all Fellows complete all forms. Click the link to either download the form (PDF or Excel file) or go to the Google Form.

    1. Waiver of Liability - all Fellows

           Please save file as: Lastname_Firstinitial_Liability_Year eg: Smith_J_Liability_20-21

    2.  Media Release form - all Fellows

           Please save file as: Lastname_Firstinitial_MedRel_Year eg: Smith_J_MedRel_20-21

    3. CANRA Acknowledgment Mandated Reporterall Fellows

           Please save file as: Lastname_Firstinitial_CANRA_Year eg: Smith_J_CANRA_20-21

    4. Online Fellow Information Form all Fellows

    5. Armatus Mandated Reporter Online Training Quick Start Guideall Fellows (detailed instructions available in the Fellow Handbook)

           Please save the certificate of completion as: Lastname_Firstinitial_CANRACert_Year ex: Smith_J_CANRACert_20-21

    6. GluckLive Program Pack - GluckLive Classroom Fellows only
    6a. GluckGlobal and Digital DIY Curriculum Syllabus - for Digital DIY Curriculum elements

    7. Availability Calendars - GluckLive Classroom Fellows only

           Early Start Availability Calendar: by request only

           Fall Quarter Availability Calendar: Due October 1

           Winter Quarter Availability Calendar: Due December 1

           Spring Quarter Availability Calendar: Due March 1


    Recorded Media Release Form - for Fellows who are contributing audio or video recordings to the Gluck Creative Classroom, Gluck Music Bank or GluckTV YouTube channel (also included in Form 6b)

  • Fellowship Evaluations

    All Fellows must complete one or more evaluation forms before fellowship payment is processed through financial aid/Banner. Please see below for your type of fellowship to determine which evaluation form(s) you need to complete. All evaluations are Google Forms. Just click the link for the evaluation(s) you need to fill out. If you have questions about which evaluation to do, please ask us!


    CLASSROOM FELLOW Self Evaluation - this includes the following: Classroom Fellows (both Digital DIY and GluckLive), ASK Residency Fellows, and all members of TFPD FilmCrew and the Contemporary Dance Ensemble (cast and crew)


    CLASSROOM FELLOW GluckLive Site Evaluation- this includes the following if you offered GluckLive programming: Classroom Fellows, ASK Residency Fellows, and all members of and the Contemporary Dance Ensemble (cast and crew)


    FAMILY LEARNING FELLOW Evaluation - for Local and GluckGlobal Fellows in the following areas: UCR ARTS Museum Education, Family Learning, GluckTV, Social Media, and the VRC


    OPA! FELLOW Evaluation - including members of Mosaic, Spotlight on Hope, UCR LPP, Guardian Ambassadors, and student-run music ensembles and for GluckLive performances and events

  • Topic Information/Activity Visual Aid - TIVA/TAVA - Instructions

    All Classroom Fellows will create a Topic Information Visual Aid (TIVA) and Topic Activity Visual Aids (TAVA). It is part of a Digital DIY Curriculum for the Gluck Creative Classroom website and will be used in screen sharing for GluckLive presentations.

    The Creative Classroom archive is full of examples of materials for a Digital DIY Curriculum, including study guides, web quests, activities, games, etc. More information, including a Style Guide and a downloadable Gluck Program logo is available on the Arts Education Resources page of the Creative Classroom. We have created a 5-Part series Preparing Your Gluck Fellowship for Online Learning - Live and Digital Asynchronous Outreach Programs that serves as information and a model.

    Style Guide for the Topic Information Visual Aid - TIVA
    Visit the Gluck Creative Classroom for more information and inspiration!