What is the Gluck Program?

Our Mission Statement

The mission of the Gluck Fellows Program of the Arts at the University of California, Riverside is to create the opportunity for the broader community to benefit from the creative, performative, and expository talents of the graduate and undergraduate students of the Departments of Art, Creative Writing for the Performing Arts, Dance, History of Art, Music, Theatre, Film and Digital Production, and UCR ARTS.  We believe open access to creative pursuits is one of the fundamental components of healthy communities and endeavor to provide this access to the underserved in the greater Riverside community.

  • To integrate the arts and culture within the web of the social life of selected constituents of the program.
  • To utilize the talents and creative ability of Gluck Fellows to perform, exhibit, teach and illustrate latest creative, technical, and expository artistic expression to these constituents.
  • To create opportunities for these constituents to become engaged in a dynamic process of learning, exposition, health, culture and creativity with Gluck Fellows.
  • To provide opportunities for original artistic composition for Gluck Fellows and their community constituents.
Target Constituents:
  • Elementary, Middle, and High School students.
  • Selected target populations such as the elderly, infirm, and long-term-care persons in nursing homes, hospitals, and hospices.
  • Special underserved populations such as Native Americans, hearing-impaired students, neighborhood ethnic groups, and youth groups, with particular consideration for disadvantaged minorities and women. 

Prospective Fellows and Sites

Want to be a Gluck Fellow?
The Gluck office can help you craft a fellowship program that will be a successful GluckLive in the community.
If you have an idea, please contact us at the Gluck office to talk about GluckLive and OPA! opportunities for the year! OPA! Fellowship awards are ongoing throughout the year. See Fellow Resources for forms and link.
OPA! Fellowships - Outreach Performing Artist Fellowships -  are awarded all year for all sorts of outreach ideas -- find out more about OPA! fellowships here..

Would you like to become a Gluck Site?

Contact the Gluck office by email at to get started. All Gluck sites must be free and open to the public, and located within 25 minutes of UCR or part of AUSD, JUSD, RUSD, MVUSD, or PUHSD. Check out our Site Resources page for more information!

Current Fellows and Sites

Are you a current Gluck Fellow?
  • Current Gluck Fellows looking for instructions, handbooks, links, or forms - visit the Fellow Resources page.
  • OPA! Fellows, click here for the OPA! information page.
Are you a current Gluck Site or Department Coordinator?
  • Current Gluck Site Coordinators looking for handbooks, forms, requests, or evaluations - visit the Site Resources page.
  • Current UCR Department Coordinators can find more information here.