Live and in-person experience with the arts are the heart of a life long journey of art practice and enjoyment!

Gluck fellows perform and present workshops in the community around Riverside, California at schools, libraries, and museums.

When you are ready for face-to-face Gluck visitors, we are ready; Gluck fellows also present live on video conferencing or live streaming on Facebook if that serves your setting better.
We will follow your site, the CDC, and UCR's guidelines for in-person presentations, and when applicable will practice social distancing and mask wearing during in-person live presentations.

If you would like to have a Gluck fellow visit your site or school - on video conferencing or in-person - please see Site Resources for information on requesting fellows and becoming a Gluck site.

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Current Year Gluck Programs

Scheduling begins in August and continues through May, or until all Gluck Fellow programs are complete. Please contact Christine Leapman, the Gluck Program Coordinator, at if you have questions about this year's program.

If you are a Site Coordinator at a current Gluck Site, use our online request form to request a Gluck Fellow workshop at your site!

Evaluations are required by the Gluck Program and are an important part of the Common Core Curriculum. Evaluations provide the opportunity for Gluck Program participants to reflect on the arts in thoughtful essay or writing on one’s observations, feelings, and ideas about the arts. The Host/Teacher evaluation form is required and the Student/Participant evaluation form is optional


Standards for the Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA) for students in K-12
All programs must satisfy the five component strands making up the VAPA standards:

    Processing, Analyzing, and Responding to Sensory Information Through the Language and Skills Unique to (the subject)
    Creating, Performing, and Participating in (the subject)
    Understanding the Historical Contributions and Cultural Dimensions of (the subject)
    Responding to, Analyzing, and Making Judgments About Works of (the subject)
    Connecting and applying what is learned to learning in other art forms and subject areas and to careers  

All Gluck Fellows design their programs to provide arts enrichment that enhances students' learning. Gluck Programs satisfy the following curriculum standards:

Common Core Curriculum Learning Outcomes and Interactive Activities
Gluck Fellow Programs support Common Core Curriculum standards and provide opportunities for:  

  • Speaking and Listening
  • Learning through active practice, rehearsal, and creation or performance of works in the arts
  • Participating in arts criticism on the basis of observation, knowledge, and criteria