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Christine Leapman, Assistant Director
(951) 827-5739

Information and Forms for Current and Future Gluck Site Coordinators

Are you interested in getting your school or community site involved with the Gluck Fellows Program of the Arts? Contact the Gluck office and we will get you started.

  • All Gluck programs are offered free of charge to participants, and there is no fee to become a Gluck Site.
  • Your site must be free and open to the public, and located within 20 a minute drive of the UCR campus.
  • All Gluck Sites must complete a Service Agreement between UCR and the Site / School District.
    • We currently have agreements with these School Districts: Alvord, Jurupa, Moreno Valley, Perris Union, Riverside, Val Verde, Bureau of Indian Education
  • Please determine a Site Coordinator who will handle all correspondence with the Gluck office and will organize the booking and evaluation of all Fellow programs at the site/school. 
  • Once the Site Coordinator is chosen and the Service Agreement is completed, a member of Gluck staff will visit your site for an in-person orientation to the Gluck Program. 

If you are a Site Coordinator for an active Gluck Site, please expand the menu items below for the information you will need to request and evaluate Gluck programs.

  • Forms and Handbooks

    Please click this link for the Google Drive folder with all handbooks and forms for operating the Gluck Program at your venue, including the Site Coordinator Handbook and Site Resources Form. An updated copy of the Site Resources Form is required each year before your Site is eligible to request and receive Gluck Fellows. If you will be visiting UCR for a VIP Day field trip, please provide a copy of the Liability Waiver and Media Release form for each student attending.

    All forms are READ ONLY, please download to your computer and share your completed copy with us.

    • Gluck Site Coordinator Handbook
    • Site Resources Form - Site - MANDATORY each year for all sites with a Site Coordinator for the Site!
    • Site Resources Form - Individual Teacher - MANDATORY for Middle and High school teachers requesting Gluck fellows!
    • How to Be a Great Audience Member - Top tips for enjoying any Gluck workshop, performance, or presentation
    • Liability Waiver for field trips to UCR - English and Spanish
    • UCR Media Release Form for field trips to UCR - English and Spanish

    If you are coming to UCR for a field trip, please follow the UCR Risk Management guidelines to become an "Approved School"

  • Programs Available and Request a Gluck Program!

    The Google Drive folder Site Coordinator Handbooks and Forms has all the links and files you need to see what is available, request a fellow, and evaluate fellow programming

    If you would like to request Gluck Fellows for your school or site, please review the Gluck Programs Available catalog and fill out our Google Request Form. If you have questions or concerns about a Fellow request, please email or call the Gluck office.

    • Gluck Programs Available Catalog
    • Request a Gluck Fellow Session
    • How to Be a Great Audience Member - Top tips for enjoying any Gluck workshop, performance, or presentation
  • Program Evaluation Forms

    Evaluations are a critical part of the Gluck Program and are required by the Max H. Gluck Foundation, our Program's sponsor. Please remind all program hosts/teachers to complete an evaluation within 2 weeks of receiving their Gluck presentation. The Host/Teacher Evaluation is required, and the Student/Participant Evaluation is optional but encouraged! At the end of the year, please complete one Site Coordinator End of Year Evaluation to help us plan for the next round of Gluck programming.

    • REQUIRED: Host/Teacher Evaluation
    • OPTIONAL: Student/Participant Evaluation
    • REQUESTED: Site Coordinator End of Year Evaluation
  • Gluck Creative Classroom - Free Online Arts Enrichment Resources for Your Classroom!

    The Gluck Creative Classroom provides a wide variety of information and activities from our GluckGlobal Fellows. Learners, site Coordinators, classroom teachers, and other educators are encouraged to search this archive of materials to extend learning and enrichment in the arts. Gluck fellows from the departments of Art, Creative Writing for the Performing Arts, Dance, History of Art, Music and Theatre, Film and Digital Production contribute activities, films and informative posters for all ages.

    There is a sortable Excel document of the collection of DIY activities, lesson plans, informational posters and essays, etc.