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GluckTV Channels

GluckTV  is an open virtual resource for persons/communities who seek out access to relevant art and performance practices in order to develop their own potential growth and ambition. More films are available on our GluckTV.UCR YouTube Channel




SOUNDS IN THE AIR! Study Guide PDF (Download)

Sounds in the Air is a short listening exercise that can be done anywhere. An all ages activity. This film is based on UCR Gluck Fellow no.e Parker's listening activity.


Getting to Know H2O - UCR PhD and IGERT fellows collaborated to show the water cycle and give tips on how to protect one of Earth's most precious resources. This film covers: how much water we use; the water cycle; the Santa Ana River ecosystem; water purification and water labels that effect how we feel about our drinking water; plastic water bottles vs tap water; seven tips for conserving water. This film is also broken into six short films, and a study guide is available through the Gluck Fellows Program of the Arts website. The Gluck Fellows Program of the Arts at UC Riverside is made possible by generosity of the Max H. Gluck Foundation.